Finding Self Pandemiccessories

My mother and I have been wearing anti-flu masks before this pandemic even began.  We both have Compromised Immune systems.

We have very rare diseases.  I have a rare version of Sickle Cell Disease and my mom has Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.

We tried to order some more online and buy Hand sanitizer, but discovered they were all sold out.  As this chaos was developing, we were hearing through the media and word of mouth that Hospitals and medical institutions were running out of Supplies.  So we came up with he idea to make our own.

We know that our community and local essential workers are in need right now, so we are willing to provide the right essential equipment for them and the general public because your Health comes first and foremost.

Our Natural Hand Sanitizer

made from natural ingredients and only contains a small amount of 70% rubbing alcohol so it sanitizes your hands while soothing and soften your skin preventing from getting chemical burns form excess amounts of rubbing alcohol.

Available in 12oz. & 8oz. bottles