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Natura  Pandemix Beauty

Tired of Fake Beauty Products that promise you a miracle 

but produce no results?

Well, so were we!  Due to our debilitating diseases, my Mom and I have  experienced dry scalp, brittle hair and even hair loss to the point where I had to cut off all my hair.  We have used different hair care lines, desperate to find the right one but we were constantly let down.  We've had enough and wanted to create beautiful products without cheapening the quality and damaging customers' or causing skin break-outs or irritation.  For us women, our hair and face are everything!  We have designed a beautiful shampoo and conditioner without preservatives, chemicals or fillers.  Our hair products have a shea butter base.

Our Hair Care was created out of a need from real organic ingredients for those who have sensitive scalps and delicate hair and cannot handle the harsh chemicals. 

We also love giving back! so a portion of the proceeds of all our product sales will be donated to the Sickle Cell Association of Ontario as I am also a sickle cell patient.

Our Natural Make-up which will launch this summer is made from natural ingredients and geared to Women of Color.

Our ​Organic 

2 in 1 Shampoo 

Why use products that have ingredients that we can’t even pronounce? 

Our Hair Care is made from all natural ingredients that you can spell with ease,

Stops breakage instantly, renews your hair cells while repairing your damaged hair, detangles, leaving it soft and manageable.

Since Everyone’s hair is different, we designed it for your hair type.

Skin Care line coming soon!

Our ​Organic Hair Products

Samples & all Size bottles 

ready to be shipped to you!

We have also created a great lightweight Silk press conditioner made with all natural ingredients that help promote growth and strengthening.  Helping you manage and detangle your hair with ease , so you can remain stress-free with a long-lasting hairdo, whether it be straight, pinned up or crimped for a special occasion, you can guarantee that your hair will remain manageable for at least two to three weeks with our Natura Silk press Conditioner.

Our ​Organic Concealer 

and Liquid Foundation 

Coming soon!

We will be promoting our organic Make-up is Cruelty-free, chemical free and Vegan. 

With our organic products, there is very little chance of developing an allergy because we make it geared to your skin type and skin tone, so you never have to worry about your make-up looking lighter wearing that gorgeous evening dress, we make our make-up so lightweight that it will look like you're not wearing any and it more importantly will appear that way, with a flawless look. 

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