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Guest Appearance on our Show!

Be a Guest on Our Show!  Allow the audience/viewers to ask questions or share their views.  Introduce your book/signing dates, services and upcoming projects/events along with your location and contact information. 

No Editing of Live Show

We believe that a podcast  should be original and unedited. 

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Copy of Footage

you will be receiving a copy of the show within 14 business days after your guest appearance.

Our Live Events!

Join our Live Events every month!

where we have hot topics, games, food and Beverages. 

Our Retreats!

Join us at the Niagara's most beautiful vintage hotel with lots of amenities. there will be group discussions, work book exercises and lots of activities.

we will have a life coach onsite to teach you how to plan and organize your life to give a different perspective on life.

But don't you worry! we intend to leave you some time to relax and take advantage of the spa and gorgeous outdoor Hot Springs.

Our Fundraising Events!

will be held every second month at different locations, proceeds will be going to the Sickle Cell Associaton, the Kipling Community Centre in Rexdale, and to help with the expansion of our  new studio space. 

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