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Our Great Team

We love building products for you

Regena Provost

Executive Host, Founder & Creator  

She has all the power, wisdom and knowledge to build, design and create and will bring anyone along with her who is willing to surrender and let God lead them. Her passion is helping people & encouraging the broken that they too can be restored and renewed with the right tools and support.  Her past experiences of Physical, Sexual, Substance abuse and Self destructive behaviours has given her the ability to speak to those in their deepest and darkest places and speak life of light into them.

Julianna D'Costa

Executive Co-host & Podcaster

Harmonizing health and wealth has been a passion for Juliana.  She personally knows the stress and anxiety has on ones body, especially with a growing family.  This prompted her to reduce the toxins in her home and family life by implementing essential oils.  While establishing security by coaching others on finance.  

She has over 7 years of experience with essential oils in her daily life. In her search for more natural ways to support the health and wellness of herself and her family, Juliana found doTERRA and immediately recognized the powerful potential of essential oils.  As a mother, Juliana understands the importance of empowering others with natural solutions to promote wellness in their own homes.  She continues to seek to increase her knowledge and application of the products to promote wellness. 

She educates family in finance,  Over 4 years ago, she learned how to make her money work for her family using simple financial concept. The wealthy have used these principles for decades to achieve success, yet these concepts aren’t taught in schools.  Juliana is passionate about empowering individuals to make better financial choices with the mindset and skill set to create healthy, vibrant, purpose-filled lives.

She believes that everyone should have a beautiful relationship with equal parts of mind, body, soul and ½ cup of finance with a dash of humour.

Email:  [email protected]

Chantel Anderson

Guest appearances & Podcaster

An Inspirational Speaker, A Relationship Coach, Tv Co Host, A wife and Mother of Four, Chantel Anderson is passionate about helping others to turn their pain into power!

Overcoming her own pain with depression, sexual/emotional abuse, postpartum depression and bullying. She has taken her pain and found her power! She has learned just what it takes to go from simply existing to living a life of enrichment and empowerment.

Email:  [email protected]

Cynthia Greyion

part time Co-host & Guest appearances

Masters in Education and pursuing her Masters in Christian Counselling at Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Studies.

She is a Dynamic Speaker, Writer and Educator who is a Minister ordained by the Evangelical Association of Canada and she is committed to Serve. She has started a Childrens ministry and is looking to start her own children's show in the near future full of drama and art.

Josanna Gordon

Guest appearances

One of her most fulfilling projects "Tears on a Pillow" now known as Hear me roar is an assignment she has taken on to help broken or "damage" women in relationship that resonates with her life.

Through media referrals and marketing strategies, "Tears on a Pillow" has successfully changed the gear in her career as a relationship coach and taken and it to another level where she is calling back into life the spirit and soul of women who are lost and confused and dying in the midst of people in their family life and social life.

-Josanna Gordon